Dr. Tamarrah Tarver holds a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy, which she officially earned at HBCU Florida A&M University located in Tallahassee, Florida. With her extensive education with a background in Psychology and Christian counseling, she has helped facilitate the betterment of women from all walks of life. Her ambition, courage, adaptability, compassion, and free spirit allows her to reach women wherever they are in their journey to wholeness and inspire them to keep going.

After having an divine visitation from the Lord at the age of 19 years old in the bathroom; Dr. Tamarrah Tarver gave her life to Christ and never turned back. The Prophetic call on her life was evident and she submitted herself to powerful prophetic leaders for over a decade. Once released to do ministry by the unction of the Holy Spirit, God has opened many doors for her to travel all over the world to minister the gospel.

Don’t allow the title “PROPHETESS” minimize the boss within the woman! After exiting Corporate America over six years ago Dr. Tarver has become a wealthy and successful business woman. She has created multiple streams of income through books, consulting businesses, teaching and more. Dr. Tarver strives to never depend on “tithes and offerings” to supply her living, but to create her own personal wealth to be able to GIVE BACK TO THE CHURCH. Dr. Tarver has a wealth anointing on her life and she wants to teach others how to create and maintain it.

The definition of “PRETTY” is not localized to only physical aesthetics. Dr. T teaches women that “PRETTY” is when you can walk in a room and shift the atmosphere because of the POWER you hold within. Dr. T teaches a 7 COMPONENTS to Pretty: Mind, Body, Spirit, Sexuality, Relationships, Beauty and Aesthetics, and Finances.

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